I know what you’re like; you’ll have seen this message from me and gone into mild panic that something’s wrong. Au contraire! I just wanted to say thank you. I’m really pleased with the changes you’ve made. Subtle but apparent. I’m happy with revisions to the shape all round and colour. Comfortable fit too. I’ve had a lot of ‘new teeth’ over the years and there’s always something I’m not comfortable with. But this time I’m genuinely pleased. As you suggest, we will keep the next appointment but thought you’d like to know that you’ve got at least one happy customer today.

Latest Correspondence

I am very satisfied with all aspects of my treatment at WTD. The reception team are patient and polite, the premises light and fresh and I’ve only recently discovered that you have a garden and a drinks machine. The fact that I travel from East London to Eastbourne just to see Natasha Parry surely says it all! As long as she doesn’t re-locate to East Timor I’ll keep coming to be treated by her as she has kept my terrible teeth and gums in good health, and is charming, friendly and a pleasure to visit socially as well as professionally.

  1. What effect has having this treatment had on your quality of life?

Having this treatment has given me confidence and has renewed my trust in dentists.

  1. Would you be happy to have such treatment again at West Terrace, and would you feel confident to recommend us to family and friends?

I still have a huge amount of treatment to have, I trust Toby implicitly and I know he will continue to help me choose the best route for me and that he will respect any decisions I make. I have already told everyone I know that they will be treated brilliantly by everyone at West Terrace.

  1. Overall, were you happy with the service you received at the practice?

I was incredibly happy with all aspects of service I have received.

Natasha is the kindest most caring Hygienist ever! All the nurses and receptionists are always there to help and are always kind and thoughtful.

  1. How could we improve our service to our patients?

I seriously don’t think there is anything that you could do better!

  1. What effect has having this treatment had on your quality of life?

My recent treatment was with the Hygienist, Violetta, and was excellent.   Going to this dental practice has certainly improved my life simply because I no longer have to worry about my teeth thanks to the combined work of Toby Edwards-Lunn and Violetta.

  1. Would you be happy to have such treatment again at West Terrace, and would you feel confident to recommend us to family and friends?

I would not consider going to any other practice and I have already told everyone I know about their excellence.

  1. Overall, were you happy with the service you received at the practice?

In my long life I have never before had such excellent dental treatment and I have been to a great many dentists and hygienists.  But the Reception team are just as important – invariably helpful, smiling and well-informed – they even seem to know who I am!   I can’t believe I am saying this but I actually look forward to going to the dentist!!

  1. How could we improve our service to our patients?

Please just keep doing what you do so well.

  1. What effect has having this treatment had on your quality of life?

I’m now in control of my dental status due to the information and treatment given to me by Toby and Violetta and know exactly what I have to achieve in in my daily cleaning and maintenance program.

  1. Would you be happy to have such treatment again at West Terrace, and would you feel confident to recommend us to family and friends?

I most certainly would and in fact have already done so.

  1. Overall, were you happy with the service you received at the practice?

Delighted, I’ve been treated as part of the team that is there to keep my teeth healthy and in place.

  1. How could we improve our service to our patients?

Simple, keep doing what are doing, don’t get waylaid by the so called forward thinking ad men, you really don’t need them.

Fortunately, over the past few years, any treatment found to be necessary has been minimal. I attribute this to the excellent care and attention I have received from Trevor Grout over the last 20 odd years. Any treatments I have experienced have been effective and carried out with the minimum of discomfort.   I always appreciate the time he spends to explain what the treatment involves and the reassurance I receive if I have any concerns. This quality of service is also delivered by Natasha, your hygienist, who manages to make every one of her patients feel very special. I would not hesitate to recommend the practice to family/friends but my one concern is the cost of dentistry nowadays. I am worried that when I retire I will no longer be able to continue contributing to Denplan. I have friends who neglect their teeth rather than attend check-ups regularly. I realise this is a social issue but I do believe there must be a middle way to encourage ageing patients to continue using West Terrace well into the future.

Thank you for offering this opportunity to comment.

“Hi, just wanted to send thanks for the kindness received yesterday & especial thanks to Judy for her expertise, skills & patience. You all helped massively to ease my fears & get me through a procedure I found very frightening. Thanks again & kind regards”

“I would just like to say thank you for all the help and support you have given me during my treatment. Toby is a brilliant dentist, he gives me confidence to come to him for treatment, as I know it will be painless, and his experience is invaluable. The cost is a little above average but is worth it for the care and treatment that you receive… I cannot say anything bad about West Terrace and I would recommend anyone.”

Toby Edwards-Lunn Commendation

The following correspondence is from a recent email sent to patients:

We asked patients who had Implant Treatment with us, if they could answer three questions about that treatment.

1. What effect has having this treatment had on your quality of life?

“I reached “that age” where I had problems with my teeth. I had Crowns which were constantly falling out – an even worse problem when on holiday. My dentist at the time gave me no hope – frequently referred me to the hospital – and generally offered me no solution for the future. I really was in despair. Thank goodness, a friend of my daughter recommended me to Toby at West Terrace. I wasn’t only given a complete treatment plan – I was also given the confidence to move ahead with absolute faith. Not only that, I wasn’t being conned into spending more than I could afford. It really is hard to put into words what a difference it has all made to me. Now a few years later, yes I have dentures (top set only) but I can eat, smile and enjoy myself without wondering what will fall out next!”

“Enormous – I had a gap in my front teeth for many years and all previous dentists told me nothing could be done. But hooray West Terrace – in such a short time and painlessly you performed what only could be described as magic. No more gap and no more embarrassing looks when I smile!”

“I am delighted with my implant treatment and the fact that the implants go completely unnoticed by me or anyone else is just perfect!”

2. Would you be happy to have this treatment again at West Terrace, and would you feel confident to recommend us to family and friends?

“I most certainly would have no problem in having the treatment again. As for recommending – I already have! West Terrace is such a life changer anyway but even more so when you have difficult teeth – Reception are so kind and helpful, nothing is too much trouble. My dentist Toby is a gem and never makes me feel I am a problem. The nurses are calm, friendly and totally professional. And the hygienist is keeping me on the straight and narrow for the future – all in the nicest possible way! So from the minute you enter the door, you know you are in capable hands.”

“Absolutely – not just because of the above specific treatment but I am no longer going backwards and forwards in between checkups because problems have arisen. Everything at West Terrace is dealt with professionally, in comfort – and with  smiles all round. I have already persuaded my family there is nowhere else to go and have no hesitation in making the recommendation to friends.”

“Yes, I would recommend West terrace for advice and treatment for implants and I would return if I needed another implant.”

3. Overall, were you happy with the service you received at the practice?

“I never want or intend to go anywhere else.”

One hundred percent.  I have been so grateful to have been recommended myself to Toby and West Terrace. I have not regretted moving there for one second.”

“West Terrace provide an excellent and friendly service.”

Testimonial July 2013

Testimonial: West Terrace Dental

Previous Testimonials

“Dear Jaime, I just wanted to say thank you to you and especially to Toby, today I conquered my fear and had my tooth out, thank you for the kindness you showed and the fact you understood what I was going through. After a very bad experience years ago I had a huge fear of the dentist, but today has taught me that I can do it and I have. I am very proud to have done this and I really cannot thank Toby and his lovely nurse enough for looking after me today and turning a bad experience into a better one, visiting the dentist will never be on top of my best list of things to do, but I can safely say that I will be back in two months for that check up. You all deserve medals for putting up with people like me!”

“Just wanted to say many thanks from both of us for your attention to our teeth! If your ears were burning last night its because we were saying how grateful we both are and what a marvellous dentist you are and what a great and helpful atmosphere in the practice as a whole. For the first time in our lives we feel our teeth are being looked after in a positive way. So thanks and best wishes
P.S. Natasha was brill!
P.P.S. B is enjoying his electric toothbrush ! (Don’t know what the army would have made of it!)”

B & A, Eastbourne

“Dear Toby, When we last met, for the re-fitting of my lower teeth, I was slow to realise that it was in effect the end of the long course of treatment you’d been giving me. I should have told you how pleased I was with all you’ve done. It’s lovely to have proper teeth, capable of chomping through anything at all and marvellously comfortable to wear. I really am so grateful to you. Your work has beeen terrific.”

Mr L, Eastbourne, January 2013

“I became a patient with you in July 2011 when my teeth were not neglected but had become badly worn over the years. Since that time Dr Edwards-Lunn has undertaken a complete restoration of upper and lower jaws, with superb results. I don’t think my teeth have ever looked or felt so good. Also two implants have been placed by Dr Barter at Perlan with the preparation work and subsequent fitting of crowns and abutments done at West Terrace. Here again this has been achieved with expert precision and skill, and with an excellent outcome. I appreciated the detailed explanations, and discussion of options, at every stage.

Obviously such extended work does not come cheap, but the results have more than justified the cost. I don’t believe the treatment could be bettered anywhere.

More generally, I’ve found everyone at West Terrace to be welcoming and reassuring, with a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere prevailing. A visit to the dentist isn’t something one exactly looks forward to, but you all make it as agreeable as possible!”

Mr S, Eastbourne, May 2012

“So many thanks for the work completed on my front teeth and for closing up that gap. I cannot believe that having had a gap for so many years and being told by so many dentists that nothing could be done, in such a short time and so painlessly you have performed what can only be described as magic! No more gap and teeth fully restored and all carried out with such ease and professionalism. We have been so thrilled and grateful throughout all our various treatments and can’t thank you enough. Also our thanks to all the staff at West Terrace. We can honestly say every visit is enjoyable – and whoever thought you would be able to say that about a visit to the dentist! Off to Wales yomping tomorrow – expecting snow on the tops!”

Mr P, Eastbourne, April 2012

“I have just completed a course of treatment involving two crowns. I am a very nervous patient but Toby always takes his time and is incredibly reassuring throughout the appointments. He is a perfectionist and this is reflected in the end result. I would and continue to recommend the West Terrace practice to all, especially nervous patients. The whole experience visiting the practice is a pleasure, the receptionists always welcoming and the waiting area comfortable, this coupled with flexible practice hours and good location, make this an exceptional practice”

BH, Polegate, Nov 2011

“….Many thanks for your very expert treatment last Tuesday – the soreness from the extractions is minimal. You certainly turned what could have been a very difficult and emotional experience into something bearable (and thanks to Grace).”

Mrs P, June 2011

“…thank you both for the Invisalign treatment. I am very happy with it. You were very professional and helpful at all times…..”

Mrs J, March 2011

“Visits to the practice are a pleasant experience; appointments are punctual with the added reassurance that treatment will add confidence and a smile. The practice operates to the highest standards and is highly recommended.”

Mr B, Bexhill March 2010

“Toby offers more than just a skillful service, he is friendly, shows concern, remembers my name…he has the patience of a saint!”

Anon, Denplan survey  2011

“Your expert advice, whether for routine or more complex treatments, has always been accompanied by a full explanation of the procedures and the fees have been extremely competitive. Treatment has always been carried out sensitively and any follow-up work has been completed promptly.”

Mr B, Bexhill March 2010

“Spotlessly clean, modern, friendly, professional and above all the treatment has been ‘perfect’ for over 20 years”

Anon, Denplan survey 2011

“Outstanding professionalism and friendliness from all of the staff, including reception staff”

Anon, Denplan survey 2011

”Mr Grout not only is he very kind but gentle and explains what he is about to do ( even when I’m very anxious)”

Anon, Denplan survey 2011

”Professionalism with a personal touch”

Anon, Denplan survey 2011

“It was a great joy to meet Mr Edwards as he has that admirable quality of listening to the patient”

Mr D, Eastbourne.

“West Terrace provided me with a great service and a flawless product. I wouldn’t want to go to any other dentist”

Mrs A, Eastbourne.

“The level of care has been most impressive. This includes setting a very clear treatment plan and explaining it in detail at each step”

Mr W, Eastbourne.

“First impressions count. It is pleasant to be received by courteous and cheerful receptionists”

Mr D, Eastbourne.

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