High Standards!

Room to move

West Terrace Latest NewsA change has occurred at the practice. We are constantly striving to set consistently high standards in all areas within the practice, so have created a completely specialised room to carry out cross-infection and sterilisation procedures, on all our instruments. The room, positioned in the heart of the practice, is staffed full time to allow all the cleaning and sterilisation of instruments to be carried out away from areas where clinical work is performed. This is in accordance with the ‘best practice’¬†guidelines¬†from the Department of Health, aimed to free up more time for our nursing staff to concentrate on our patients needs.


It’s the future

West Terrace Infection ControlWe also have our new IT system up and running at the practice. The new software allows us to spend more time with our patients and less time looking for, and through, paper notes. There are many new features, including one of the most up to date digital x-ray systems. This will help us to provide the best possible care for your mouth.

Posted on 8th November 2011 in Practice News

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