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Fees Private Denplan


Routine Examination £65 £0
Under 18’s £30 £0

Digital Radiographs (x-rays)

Small £20 £0


Per 30 minute appointment £60 £0
Per 45 minute ‘Walk-in’ appointment £90.00 £0

Conservation (Fillings)

All work carried out on a time basis

Root Canal Treatment

Treatment will include all necessary x-rays, dressings and specialised single use instrumentation

Incisor from £330 £0
Premolar from £360 £0
Molar from £560 £0

Crowns and Veneers

Porcelain fused to Cobalt Chrome £650 £195
Yellow Gold Crown £700 £300
Special All Porcelain Cosmetic Crown £650 £250
Veneers £650 £195
Inlays and Onlays of Gold, Porcelain or Composite £600 £195
Post & Core £200 £90


Each case will be quoted on an individual basis


(Guideline only)

Full upper & lower acrylic dentures £2800 £1680
Single acrylic denture (over 4 teeth) £900 £540
Single acrylic denture (under 4 teeth) £700 £420
Metal dentures will be quoted on an individual basis

Dentures Alterations

Reline of existing denture (hard) £240 £144
Reline of existing denture (soft) £300 £180
Addition of tooth or clasp (from:) from £120 £120


Complex Treatment Plan (including study models) £150 £50
Teeth whitening – two week course at home under supervision £350 £350
Mouthguard – professional standard £160 £80
Mouthguard – economy standard £100 £50

Terms & Conditions

A full assessment will be carried out at the examination appointment and a written quotation will be provided on request. All treatment plans are individually prepared and can be modified according to the preferences of the patient. All estimates are subject to change should the treatment alter. If this situation does arise then you will be informed by your dentist and asked how you wish to proceed. The practice accept’s payment by cash, cheques, debit cards and most credit cards.

Posted on 4th November 2015 in Practice News

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